A Community Partner

Ajinomoto Windsor generates thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in economic benefits for communities across America. We are also committed to providing vital support for local and national charitable causes.

Community Involvement and Health Wellness

Legacy AFU’s Community Involvement and Health/Wellness

  • Company paid membership to Life Balance program, with various discounts to hobbies and activities
  • Employee Sales of AWI Portland product to employees about every 6 weeks
  • Annual physical exam incentive of $50 gift card (employee only)
  • Participation in annual, company-wide “Global Clean Up” day
  • Company sponsored toy drive for local non-profit

Legacy AJINA’s Community Involvement and Health/Wellness

  • 10K Step Project
  • Smile Earth! Global Clean Up Day

Global Clean-Up Day

October 23, is Ajinomoto Group Smile Earth! Global Cleanup Day.

All Ajinomoto Group members in the world participated to help the environment by cleaning up the outside areas around their offices and plants.

AJINA CFD and AFU members in Portland worked hard and had smiles on their faces while beautifying our grounds despite of the cold weather.

We collected almost 15 bags of trash.