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Ajinomoto Windsor is continuing to not only provide foods that taste great and feel great, but also focus on innovation.

App for Restaurants Reaches 100,000 Downloads

Ontario, California – Ajinomoto Windsor is continuing the company’s mission of not only providing foods that taste great and feel great, but also focusing on innovation ranging from the development of new gluten-free products to the success of the Food Cost Calculator app – the first of its kind.  

Ajinomoto Windsor is excited to announce that the Food Cost Calculator, which is designed to help restaurant operators calculate food costs and other key profit-building functions, has reached 100,000 downloads between Apple’s iTunes store and Android’s Google Play.

Available to any restaurant operator, the Ajinomoto Windsor Food Cost Calculator enables users to input cost-per-case, unit of measure, pieces per case and other variables to calculate their real food cost and allows them to input menu prices for their desired food cost percentage. Additional features of the app enable users to e-mail, text, save or print the calculation. In 2015, the Ajinomoto Windsor Profit Calculator was featured on the History Channel in a segment called Newswatch, as one of the most innovative new apps in America. (link below).

“One of the biggest keys to driving innovation is finding creative solutions to solving everyday problems. In this case, helping foodservice operators better manage their bottom line and overall food costs in a very handy and easy to use mobile format.” said Brad Kumin, Ajinomoto Windsor’s Vice President of Marketing for Foodservice.  

Ajinomoto Windsor is going to continue the company’s mission of delivering quality products while also helping restaurant operators succeed through advances in technology, like the Food Cost Calculator, as well as informational content. Blogs will soon be launching on the various brand websites with the goal of delivering articles designed to help restaurant operators.