Innovation is the primary ingredient in everything we do.

Innovation at Ajinomoto Windsor

At Ajinomoto Windsor, we view innovation through a broad lens, with strategic needs driving our efforts to systematically explore new product innovations and process improvements using our 2000+ employee base for ideation.

To foster innovation throughout the organization, Ajinomoto Windsor created a new Director of Innovation position who leads the Innovation Team, or as we call it, the “iTeam”. The iTeam helps foster a culture of innovation, creates processes to support innovation, and ensures all innovation efforts are strategically aligned.

In addition to our iTeam, every employee is responsible for making innovation happen, every day. Innovation is a priority for Ajinomoto Windsor and our employees because it underlies our passion for great food. Our focus on innovation drives us to create new and unique products and improve our current products and our manufacturing processes. Innovation is what sets us apart from our competition.