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Standing out in the restaurant landscape is no small feat. Top operators are constantly evaluating trends and how they may affect their business, especially if a serious competitor captures the essence of a trend and exploits its value first. Food product development, therefore, is a necessary component of competitive restaurant operations.

Whether they're managing a national chain or a small family enterprise, savvy operators are always engaged in food product development, formulating new recipes and combining different foods to create new tastes for an evolving customer palate. The larger the operation, the more complicated and expensive such endeavors become.

This is where an established leader in food product development can help. With a product development team of innovative chefs and food technologists, Windsor Foods has the experience, knowledge and creativity to be a real asset. Researching market trends, formulating recipes and creating proprietary custom food products delivers operational gains and competitive advantages to foodservice operators.

Meeting the strictest criteria and demanding timelines for food product development can be difficult. With a partner in the development process that can manufacture the product in quantity, provide versatile packing solutions—from three-ounces to 2,000-pound bulk packaging—and distribution centers, there are fewer corners to turn.

Windsor Foods' product development team works with you to develop innovative food ideas while handling all the support activity like formulation, specification writing, regulatory labeling, HACCP and quality assurance practices.

Windsor Foods' established brands speak to their experience in the foodservice industry:

Contact Windsor Foods today to get started. Windsor will work with your R&D and marketing groups to create truly innovative products and platforms to keep on-trend and ahead of your competition in food product development.

Windsor Foods is dedicated to making your operation a success.

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