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Mexican foods from Windsor.

Mexican food, as we know it today, originated when the Spanish conquistadors arrived at the Aztec capital, Tenochititlan, where Mexico City was built. The local people dieted on corn-based dishes blended with herbs and served with beans. Later, the Spanish added the rice, beef and wine from Spain with the pre-Columbian Mexico foods and flavors such as chocolate, maize, tomato and vanilla.

Today's Mexican foods are based on Native-American cuisine from the Aztecs and Mayan cultures. The chili pepper is part of the rich variety of vegetables and meats that contribute to the colors in Mexican food. Mexican food has merged into cuisine from the Southwest United States to form Tex-Mex that have generated mainstays that are favorites among patrons today.

Windsor's José Olé® and Posada® brands offer operators a variety of authentic Mexican foods such as burritos, tamales, tacos, taquitos, quesadillas, chimichangas and enchiladas specifically created for foodservice and convenience stores. Contact your Windsor Foods Sales Representative for more information.

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