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If your restaurant is developing a custom branded menu around the efficiency and convenience of frozen foodservice products, there are six key principles you should consider when choosing your supplier. If you are already using frozen foods in your restaurant, you can apply these concepts to improve both your menu and your bottom line. Follow these key principles to cut down on how you spend your time, money and energy.

1) Frozen foods enable operators—custom menus, a wide range of products and quick foodservice. Get rid of the preconception that frozen foods selection is limited number. Frozen food companies now offer operators the ability to build custom, signature menus from existing product lines or custom-manufacture proprietary menu items just for them. The result is delicious, easy-to-serve meals that fit the operators’ needs—and their restaurant's cuisine—in less time and at less expense than traditional cooking from scratch.

2) One myth down—frozen vs. fresh vegetables. It is a misconception to think “frozen” fruits and vegetables lack the nutritional value of “fresh” because the process of freezing takes it all away. The modern process of freezing fruits and vegetables takes place within 24 hours of the harvest, capturing them at their freshest. But, the key to retention of both their texture and nutritional values lies in the quick-freeze process itself, which today has been developed to its highest level since Clarence Birdseye invented it in 1924. Water content of the individual cells freezes before expanding beyond the cell walls and damaging the product’s texture or draining away its nutrients when thawed.

3) Customer service efficiency increases exponentially with less prep time. Less tedious work means more efficiency. Leveraging a frozen food company creates significant time saving benefits with less washing, chopping, baking, boiling, frying, measuring or filling ingredients. You gain the opportunity to serve your clients faster, improving customer service and increasing table efficiency.

4) New frozen food packaging keeps your food stocks protected better than ever. With re-sealable bulk packaging from Windsor Foods innovative appetizers like Fred’s for Starters, or Bernardi’s Grand-E-Oli ravioli entrees will never get freezer burn and cause inventory loss. Re-sealable zipper bags open and close as often as needed while still keeping their freshness and quality intact longer.

5) Frozen foods companies are improving the quality of their products from a healthy point of view. Your customers would love to have more healthy food choices on the menu. Frozen food products cut down on trans fats, sodium, sugars and preservatives while balancing with more fiber, and a better, more authentic taste. You needn’t fear that frozen food is the bogeyman in the kitchen.

6) Customers know what they like. Frozen food manufacturers have become so savvy in improving frozen food quality and taste, most frozen foodservice is indistinguishable from high-dollar, chef-prepared food. Operators can delight their customers with good tasting, quality food and keep them satisfied while enjoying the benefits from faster foodservice and less time in the kitchen. Doesn't that sound deliciously easy?

The role of the frozen food producer is to meet operators’ menu requirements: by giving them choices from a wide range of existing product lines; by creating custom-manufactured products to their specifications; and by making these products good tasting and nutritious, using fresh high-quality ingredients. They are left with the convenience of using these easy-to-use products that will only give them more time to continuously improve their business.

As an award-winning frozen foodservice manufacturer, Windsor Foods pays close attention to the operator’s needs while putting a high value in the quality of their food. We believe your restaurant can save time and money by applying these principles when considering the benefits of a frozen food company.

Windsor can provide operators with custom menu items on which they can build their business—from a full selection of appetizers, barbecue and chili to gourmet-quality Mexican, Asian and <Italian cuisines. Contact a Windsor Foods broker today at

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