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According to Restaurants & Institutions, many school district menu planners compare the job of coordinating thousands of school meals per day to that of operating a major chain restaurant. From making profits to serving at high volumes, school food operators run a business targeted toward the pickiest customers of all: students.

Facing strict child nutrition laws and outside competition from nearby quick service restaurants, it is more important than ever for school district menu planners to make the cafeteria interesting again. So what steps can schools take to develop innovative district menus and creative school meals?

Get the students involved! Many school districts offer kids the opportunity to vote on new lunch entrees by holding fun contests, while others have created student-run advisory councils that allow students to create their own meals. Other school districts are getting creative by incorporating food and nutrition into the classroom curriculum. By coordinating menu plans with teachers' lessons on different countries and cultures, school districts can actively engage students in the meals they eat.

Try this at your own school! If students are studying Mexican history in their classes, serve a creative Mexican meals for lunch. Windsor Foods' José Olé and Posada lines offer a variety of delicious burritos, chimichangas, and tortilla crispers made with lean meats, real cheeses, and authentic Mexican spices. Is Italy on the day's lesson plan? Create an exciting meal around Windsor Foods' Bernardi cheese raviolis. If China is the subject of the day, Windsor Foods' Golden Tiger egg rolls are a perfect addition to any lunch. Even better, all choices are produced in USDA-approved plants to meet the strictest Federal child nutrition guidelines, so you know you're serving creative school district meals that are as healthy as they are delicious!

To learn more about developing creative meals for your school district, contact your Windsor Foods broker today for an on-site demonstration and tasting.

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