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Whitey's Chili starts with carefully selected meats and vegetables and adds a select blend of herbs and spices to give it that "just right" flavor. We take painstaking care to create a delicious, consistent gourmet chili that's easy to serve. Make Whitey's Chili a meal by itself or add fresh ingredients to create signature dishes.

Restaurants, school districts and many other foodservice institutions often cater to a diverse group of patrons with equally diverse palates that range from fried asparagus tips to stuffed ziti pasta. In a menu that spans so many tastes, a good hearty chili is one very popular menu item with universal appeal.

Whitey's® Chili is a gourmet chili unto itself—produced by Windsor Foods—with selected meats and vegetables and a special blend of herbs and spices. Windsor takes painstaking care to create a delicious, consistent gourmet chili that's easy to serve.

Operators serve Whitey's® Chili as a meal by itself, or they can use it as a base to create their own signature chili dishes by adding fresh ingredients. Prepared in Windsor Foods’ kitchens with the a reliable consistency only Windsor can provide, Whitey’s Chili will bring repeat customers back every time.

Some of Windsor’s recipes that compliment the distinctly flavorful Whitey’s Chili are listed on Windsor’s recipe pages on their web site. A favorite, Whitey’s Chicken Chili Fettuccini, is shown below:

Whitey’s Chicken Chili Fettuccini

  • Chicken chili - ¾ cup
  • Alfredo sauce - ½ cup
  • Fettuccine noodles - 6 oz
  • Black olives - 2 Tbsp
  • Shredded cheddar cheese - 2 Tbsp
  1. Place fettuccine in pan with chili and alfredo sauce.
  2. Toss together and heat.
  3. Place in pasta bowl.
  4. Garnish with olives, and cheese.
  5. Serve.

Find this free chili recipe and many more on Windsor Foods’ web site. And, contact a broker in your area today for more information about all the authentic Italian, Asian and Mexican cuisines from Windsor Foods available to your restaurant, school district or institutional feeder.

Windsor Foods is dedicated to making your operation successful with customizable production, custom branding, flexible packaging options and much, much more.

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