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Since 1969, Bernardi Foods has been a staple for high-quality frozen pasta and Italian fare. From our start at Mona's, a quaint Italian restaurant famous for its tortellini and ravioli, we have shared innovative, yet traditional, dishes with restaurant patrons across the country. Today, Bernardi is one of the largest frozen-filled pasta manufacturers in the nation.

Our frozen pasta. Your signature dishes.

We regularly add new pasta to our extensive line of authentic Italian foods to help keep your menu fresh. And with more convenient ways to prepare pasta (even for pizzerias), you can easily add more signature dishes to your menu. So from soothing comfort foods to specialty products, Bernardi is your one-stop source for delicious Italian cuisine your patrons will keep coming back for.

Tools to help you cook up higher profits.

Use our site's product support section and marketing tools to not only add great food to your menu, but also add more profit to your bottom line. Our site offers a profit calculator, recipes, menu ideas, and marketing tools to help make your restaurant or pizzeria even more profitable. And customers won't be able to resist ordering your delicious new dishes.

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